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Mold Testing for Cars, RV's, Boats, and Plains
Mold Testing for Cars from Safety Environmental Testing

Are You Driving Around In a Sick car?

Picture of mold growing in cars

By now everyone has heard stories about toxic mold forcing families from their homes, offices, and classrooms; but if you think you're safe from mold behind the wheel - think again. What you don't know about the vehicles you travel in could actually be hazardous to your health.

Regardless of the type of vehicle or its age, your car, boat, motor home or airplane could have a problem with mold. And since you can't always see it, you might not know you have a problem until you start to feel the effects.

Picture of mold growing in RV motor home

can Mold In Your Vehicle cause Fungal Infections?

Yes. Have you ever turned your vehicle's heater or air conditioner and smelled mold? Our cars, trucks, SUVs, RV's, motor homes, boats, and airplanes can all be a source for exposure to high levels of airborne mold spores.


Picture of mold growing in boats


If you live or work in a moldy building there is a highly likelihood that the air in that building has significantly elevated concentrations of mold spores. Those mold spores cling to your clothing and often carried into your vehicle.

When that happens, mold spores end up in your vehicle's heater/air conditioning system where they can colonize in the condensation and keep recycling over and over again in the air you breathe.


Picture of mold growing in airplanesWater-damaged vehicles and even vehicles that have been cleaned but the upholstery or carpets have not been dried properly can all be infested with mold.

You have to drive your car, but you don't have get sick doing it or show up at your destination smelling like a damp crawlspace. If you suspect you have mold in your car, truck, RV, boat, or any other mode of transportation, get it tested. If passengers in your vehicle cough, sneeze, have asthma flare-ups or complain about chest pain, have that vehicle tested for mold.

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All of the services offered by Safety Environmental Testing include a full written report with included descriptions, photographs, integrated lab results (if samples were collected) and recommendations. The only exception is if the client request "Testing Only". In that case lab results will be forwarded directly to the client without comment from Safety Environmental Testing.

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